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Why eating around the world ruins you for life…

It has been almost a month since I returned from my 2 week trip around Western Europe. And I’m still eating like I’m in those countries.

Don’t get me wrong, the food is AMAZING and you SHOULD indulge while on holiday. These places are known for their food!! But I feel like I’ve adapted cravings that are starting to become bad habit.

Hence, why eating around the world ruins you for life. Warning: This post will 100% make you hungry. I advise you eat a big meal before reading this. If you decide not to, just say I warned you.

Paris – ahhhh the land of romance, beauty, pastries and…..BREAD.

This is where my sweet tooth craving really kicked into high gear. Everywhere you look there’s macaroons and a thousand different pastries waiting to be taken into your loving hands and devoured. I’m a little dramatic. Actually I’m not.


Macaron Framboise


Pastry with a blueberry filling from Au Printemps – AMAZINGLY cheap


Best crepe I’ve ever had in my life – with a beautiful view.

Here is an example of why Paris has ruined me. Yesterday I was in London, and on Oxford Street I smelled the deliciousness that is street crepes so I was like “oh! I’m going to get one. I miss Paris street crepes.”


No no no. Don’t. Nope. It does not even begin to COMPARE. Plus they were stingy with their strawberries. >:l


Jambon panini


Baguette for a euro. Mi lunch, Ta.

Italy – or should I say “Eataly” Pasta, pizza, desserts galore….my literal HEAVEN.

I knew going to the birthplace of my favorite food in the world was going to be damaging to my heart once I left. I knew it. Can I say my gnocchi was life changing? It was, folks. It was. I think the photos speak for themselves so I won’t ramble on too much about how I could be perfectly happy eating all day every day from one city to the next.


Gnocchi a la Colosseum


The best gelato place in the world ladies and gentlemen…


It’s always this crowded. Don’t believe me? Go and see!!


Amaretto, Nutella and Banana Gelato. Ok someone please get me on a plane back to Rome.


Rome pizza (thin crust)


Mozarella di Bufala – Naples


Cannoli – Positano. No. words.


Pizza’s birth place!! NAPOLI (Look at the size of this)

Greece- Salads….salads…salad sandwiches…pitas…yogurt + more!

I didn’t think about Greek food as much as I did with Italian beforehand but wow. I sure enjoyed all the traditional Greek food Santorini had to offer. Complete with an unbelievable view – this island is definitely something.


Greek Salad sandwich


Fried Tomato Balls


Pita for 1.50. Hollaaaaa


You have not experienced Fro-yo until you have Greek froyo!


Greek Salad and Garlic cheese/bread




I don’t have a photo but I forgot to mention I lived off croissants for breakfast in Italy. And they have the most amazing cream filling inside. So now I buy way too many croissants.

As you can see (if you survived this post), the food in Europe (and across the world) is undeniably amazing. And now I’m sat here thinking how can I book a flight to Rome for the night…just for the Giolitti…won’t take long.

Stay nice,

K. x

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