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Trip to London & Updates…

Last Saturday, I packed my bags and headed to London for two days. I decided I wanted to explore a new area of London I hadn’t been to before – so without a map, wifi or any clue where I wanted to end up – I hopped on the tube and chose a stop I would get off.

The excitement of exploring unknown territory is intense in a good way. Nothing safe is worth the drive. Everything you view with your own eyes is new and I love every second of it. I walked for 6 hours around London and discovered cool areas I would have never found otherwise! Who knew being lost was such a good thing?

I met up with Alex and we planned on going to Hogwarts the next day. The Making of Harry Potter at Warner Brothers Studios. Now, I wish I could take all you Potterheads with me because trust me when I say it EXCEEDED my expectations. Not one detail was forgotten. I felt like I was really there :’) We even got to ride a broomstick and see how they film flying scenes! Of course, our day couldn’t be done without Butterbeer. It was nonstop magic and we took our time looking at every detail to take it all in. I left with an even deeper appreciation for the story.


The original paper where Harry had to write “I must not tell lies” over and over because of Dolores Umbridge.




Stay nice,

K. x

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