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My Top Three Travel Destinations…

I am a firm believer in achieving bucket list dreams and travel is a huge part of that.

I’ve had the opportunity to explore a small percentage of Western Europe the past few months but I crave more. Here are my top 3 travel destinations:

1. Prague, Czech Republic.

This is a recent development and after seeing photos from a friend – I simply must go. The architecture is beautiful and my eyes are very drawn towards it. The ‘Dancing House’ is very intriguing!


This might be slightly weird to have a landmark in America in my list when I am FROM America (I am currently living in England) – but I have yet to see the natural beauty that is the Grand Canyon. It fascinates me. I hope to road trip across America one day  and see all the historical landmarks our country is made up of.

Toroweap Overlook

3. Northern Lights in Scandinavia (Sweden/Finland/Norway/Denmark)

The beauty of the Aurora Borealis has tempted me from 4,500 miles away. I simply cannot imagine how one must feel seeing it in person. I love star gazing – and this takes the sky to a whole new level. It is amazing what Mother Nature can do! The opportunity to visit a reindeer camp seems like something out of a childhood dream. You think of reindeer as some sort of magical and mythical creature but in certain parts of the world (where it’s very cold), they do exist! I would be the happiest person on the planet seeing them :’) Plus, the cold doesn’t bother me! I much prefer that to heat.


Runners up: Sicily (and Italy in its entirety), Bali and the Netherlands.

My competition entry for #TransunLights @Transun

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